50 Things To Do At Home With Baby (6-12 months)


  1. Read Books
  2. Play in the bath
  3. Make a DIY sensory book DIY Sensory Book
  4. Play with kitchen utensilsIMG_3957.JPG
  5. Paint: Sensory Painting Activity for 8-12 Month Old
  6. Practice a new skill- sign language, new words, walking, crawling
  7. water play (we use a plastic tub and lots of towels!)
  8. make play dough Edible Marshmellow Play dough
  9. make a sensory bottle St. Patrick’s Day Themed Sensory Bottle
  10. blow bubbles
  11. build with blocks
  12. make an obstacle course for baby to crawl over with pillows and other soft things
  13. put on a play- reenact your favorite scenes from movies and books with silly voices
  14. organize toy bins- you could even organize them so you can rotate the toy bins each day to keep them fresh
  15. watch birds- put out a bird feeder by the window and teach your little one about all the different birds that come to visit, and the squirrels too!
  16. Toy sort by color- we like to do this with our foam letter mat and place the different colored toys on the corresponding colored tile
  17. Practice animal names- and animal sounds!
  18. schedule a play date with another baby or toddler
  19. practice family names with pictures/photo albums Make this fun familiar faces basket!
  20. practice brushing teeth
  21. sensory bags DIY Sensory Bags
  22. play with ice Ice Sensory Bag
  23. make holiday cards for friends and family (bonus points for adding little hand or foot prints as the baby’s signature!)
  24. Mommy and me yoga
  25. check self out in mirror
  26. play with a bin of tupper wear
  27. play drums with pots and pans IMG_3975
  28. make musical instruments with water bottles and fillers- pasta, rice, corn
  29. listen to music- sing, dance, have a party!
  30. baby back massage
  31. make a rubber band guitar DIY Baby Guitar
  32. roll a ball back and forth, work on catching, following
  33. organize babies closet
  34. do laundry (baby love to play with clean laundry!)
  35. explore new foods/ practice self feeding
  36. celebrate an odd holiday Heres a fun list of funky holidays!
  37. make sound shakers out of baby food containers
  38. make a meal plan and shopping list
  39. have a color themed day- outfit, toys, books, food etc
  40. Take a monthly photo to post on social media
  41. make a list of new skills to practice for the month
  42. fill in blanks in baby book, add pictures
  43. practice object permanence
  44. print a food introduction chart to keep track and plan when to try new things
  45. tell baby a story and ask questions/ ask & pause model
  46. put together a restaurant kit/box to keep baby busy while you are out
  47. play peek a boo
  48. Practice body parts with pictures, mirrors, songs
  49. search and find with toys (show and then hide behind chairs or under blankets)
  50. play with wall shadows, try to find a rainbow!

I hope you enjoyed this list! I will keep adding and editing as I think of new ideas and find more links to diy activities. In any activity always encourage baby to do things independently and keep them involved! Even when doing chores around the house, my little one loves to be by my side, putting away laundry and playing with socks or in his high chair while I do dishes (I like to pass him little spoons that are clean or sprinkle water on his tray for him to slap), just keep your little one engaged, you don’t even need complicated or expensive toys to do it! ❤ Have fun and stay posted for 50 things to do out and about with baby!


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