How To Be A Leader, Not Just A Boss


Becoming a leader is a constant struggle. To create and maintain respect from workers is one of the biggest challenges I have faced as a manager, and as a woman. Throughout the past 5 years I have grown as a manager and as a person by following these 5 rules. 

My employees feel heard, and are comfortable voicing their concerns to me without fear of reprisal or judgement. This is something I have always seen as one of the most important aspects of the work environment.  Employees who fear their boss and feel misunderstood or misrepresented will not feel connected to their job. When employees do not feel a bond with their work, they don’t give it their all and everyone suffers as a result- others have to work harder, rules aren’t followed, sales drop, customer service suffers. I could go on and on. Making your workers feel like valued members of a strong team goes a long way in helping a business to succeed.

Own your decisions! This should go without saying, but sometimes it needs to be said.  As a manager, you have to make tough decisions everyday. To your workers, some of these decisions may seem trivial and unimportant but the way you go about making choices that will affect the business can make or break you as a manager. Employees need structure, and a strong leader who stands behind their decisions. Don’t let emotions get in the way of this, don’t play favorites, and don’t let others make choices for you.

Have a vision. As I have mentioned in a previous post, goal setting is one of the things I value highest when it comes to personal development. Just as important as it is to set personal goals, it is essential that professional goals are also set, monitored, and achieved with celebration. Having goals in the work place helps to set a pace for your employees in regards to sales, speed, and efficiency.  It is also motivating to employees when the achievement is met with a reward and recognition.

Give credit where credit is due. If someone does a great job, they should be recognized, whether it be with a small token of gratitude or a public acknowledgement. Giving people more responsibility often leads to better quality of work and a greater involvement in the company. This helps to create stronger bonds and more loyal employees, and they should be rewarded for their hard work. Everyone likes to feel valued and even a small acknowledgment can go a long way in improving morale.

Adapt. As time goes on, companies change and grow, sometimes drastically. It is important that as their leader, you represent a positive role model who is willing to grow and adapt to the changes and look at them with a positive lens. Bosses who are unwilling to adapt become frustrated and ineffective when faced with change, instilling in their workers a negative perspective of the company.

All in all…

No one is perfect and being a leader can be challenging, but if you set your mind to it, you can get things done and be respected while doing it! Stay tuned for some of the fun things I like to plan for my employees and their responses!



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