DIY Sensory Book

For our sensory activity this week I decided to make our own sensory book modeled after others I’d seen online for sale on easy. This was super easy to do and only took one trip to Michaels and about 10 minutes to put together!


I didn’t use a specific formula for creating it, I mostly just walked around Michaels and tried to find things that would be fun for baby to touch! I did come home with more things than I ended up putting in the book (i.e. fur swatches and a fluffy white swatch which seemed to be shedding and I didn’t want anything that would come unattached and be eaten by baby). The overall cost of the book was probably about $20 total, but if you consider how much I’ve spent on books that baby isn’t really interested in, this was money well spent! I probably could have saved even more by going to the dollar store!

One side note: This is definitely something that baby needs to be supervised with. I used a hot glue gun to glue everything to the pages but you never know! the best things to touch are unfortunately the things that are easiest to choke on if they came loose!

Have fun and be creative with this! There are many size and shaped books to choose from too! I chose one that had cut outs on the front because I had planned on having the fur stick out through the windows, but the fur was shedding so the pom poms worked too!

This is similar to the book I bought (they had more variety in the store), but they are called chip board books if you search online. Michaels Chipboard Book

Have fun making your own sensory book!



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