Keep Purple Hair Purple


One of the biggest challenges with fashion colors is that they are hard/impossible to do on your own and hard to keep (ugh fading). I haven’t had my hair colored or touched up even in over a month. Follow these steps if you want to have fun colored hair without the frustration of having to go back to the salon over and over!

  1. Get it done initially at a professional salon!!! This is so important. When I was younger I bought box after box of hair color only to end up disappointed at the results (I naturally have really dark hair so they did pretty much nothing and it always looked the same). I found my most recent hair dresser on Facebook by combing through the friends list of a friend who was going to cosmetology school. I checked out her photo albums and saw all the crazy colors she was doing, and the before and after pics and I was sold! I also checked out her credentials on her salon’s website and found out she is the “color specialist”. So fancy (:
  2. Only shampoo your hair with cold water. I know this sounds awful but it really really really helps to seal in the color instead of the shampoo washing it all away.
  3. Use a deep conditioner once a week at least. This is important for every hair that has been lightened/bleached.
  4. Use color depositing shampoo and conditioner. I am using the ones pictured. For the first few weeks I was only using the shampoo and that worked fine but I had a friend pass along to me the conditioner so I figured I’d give it a shot. These can be purchased online or at stores such as Cosmo prof and are definitely worth the money!!! I highly recommend them! Just make sure you wear gloves in the shower (I am reusing cheap latex gloves from Walmart) because if your hands are ridiculously dry like mine the purple will seep into all the cracks and stay there! I also keep a bottle of shower cleaner handy and just spray my shower done every time I get out.  Also, the shampoo is recommended to be used once a week but I have been using it for every shower, which is about every other day. I then alternate the regular condition with the deep condition to keep it silky smooth.
  5. Good luck and have fun! They also sell these shampoos and conditioners in a variety of colors, like blue and pink. I’m thinking pink is going to be next for me (:

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