Baby Picasso: Sensory Painting Activity for 8-12 Month Old

babypaintingcollage3If you are like me, you have been all over the internet and Pinterest searching for sensory activities for babies but cringing at all the messiness and nervous about baby putting things in their mouths. This activity solves all of those worries! Baby did not get any paint on him and neither did I!

What you will need:

-canvas (I used a cheap 5 pack of flat canvases from Michaels that were on sale, but any will work)

-acrylic paints (no one is touching these either so they don’t have to be baby safe)

-plastic/saran wrap

-packing tape

-high chair

-baby looking for some fun (:

Start with happy baby, cranky baby did not have fun with this 😦

So I have done this activity quite a few times and it’s really easy and fast to prep, and little to no clean up! YAY!

Step 1: unwrap canvas and apply packing tape in a shape (if you want to spell out a name or add a letter, etc that will be left white after painting). You can skip this step and just paint the whole thing too.

Step 2: Apply small dots of paint all over

Step 3: Wrap board with Saran Wrap and tape in the back

Step 4: use packing tape to attach to high chair tray, make sure you TAPE ALL THE SIDES

Step 5: Let baby go to town! You might have to show them how to smooth the paint around the first time.

When baby is done:

Remove baby from the situation and carefully unwrap the painting and let dry, sometimes it may take longer if there are globs of paint. I also used a butter knife to carefully peel up the letters.


This is a very versatile activity that can be adapted to different holidays and seasons. Some tips and tricks: make sure baby doesn’t have long sharp nails that will scratch the Saran Wrap, check baby over VERY thoroughly after painting to make sure they didn’t get any on them, and don’t be afraid to play with baby and encourage them to smack and squish the paint! Sensory activities such as this are important to a babies development and should be done as often as possible.  Promoting creativity and self expression is so essential to helping baby grow into a confident and happy young toddler.


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